Studio Policies

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Welcome to Marianne Kelley's School of Dance!

Please use the following Studio Policies as a guide for studio rules, health, payment, weather, etc.

If you have any questions about our policies, please give us a call at (804) 292-5917 or email Marianne at We look forward to seeing you in class!!


MKSD Studio Policies

We prefer all dance clothing – including masks, to remain free of any text, as it may be distracting during classes.

No street shoes in studios. Please remove them before stepping into the studio rooms.

Please do not open studio doors while class is in progress, as it is disruptive to the class. See our reception if you need to pick up your child early, or need access to your child for any other reason. 

Please silence your cell phones while in the studio for class. Please do not wear excessive jewelry to dance class. Stud earrings ok. Other jewelry may be dangerous to yourself or others if it comes loose.

Parents and students are not to make derogatory comments in person or in written format such as social media, texts, etc. concerning other students or MKSD Staff.

Children in the lobby are to be accompanied by an adult.

Please keep our lobby/common areas quiet. Lobby noise is heard by the students in the classroom and can be very distracting.

Students that become injured at MKSD or elsewhere must notify our staff and provide written doctors note as to the extent of the injury. In the event that an injury will require prolonged healing time (4 or more weeks), the student may need to be removed from choreography, at the discretion of the staff.

In the event that a student sits out of class due to injury, they will be required to observe for the remainder of the dance day, unless immediate medical attention is necessary, and they are picked up by an adult. Frequent occurrence of sitting out may indicate overall health and wellness issues of the dancer and may require removal from the class. We recommend seeking medical attention after sitting out for any injury.

Please refrain from bringing your child to dance if they are sick with a contagious illness. MKSD provides hand sanitizer, daily cleaning, and encourages our staff and students to take care of their health.

Dance classes are often competitive, and involve constructive critique from our qualified instructors. In the event that a dancer is struggling with significant emotional or mental health related challenges, please seek professional help and communicate this with MKSD staff. In the event that these challenges are affecting the student’s ability to accept and apply instruction/critique, or their behavior is affecting the culture of the classroom, we may choose to remove the student from the class.

MKSD accepts cash, check or Venmo payments.

No refunds or credits for class drops. All classes will move to Virtual in the event of a community shut down. No refunds or credits in this case.

MKSD does NOT follow Chesterfield County Public School closings. In the event of a closing, we will notify you via email. We have 1 snow days built into our schedule. No refunds are given due to inclement weather cancellations.

Please label all dance wear, especially shoes. Check our lost and found in the lobby for missing items. We empty our Lost and Found during winter, spring and summer breaks and donate any unclaimed items to a local charity. We encourage students to leave valuables at home. MKSD is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.


Some of our studios are equipped with viewing windows. We hope you will enjoy a glimpse of classes in session! Please refrain from photography or videography of the classes through our windows.

MKSD does not allow outside groups to fund raise or solicit in our studio.

To ensure the student’s progress, please make every effort to attend each class. In the event that your child is sick or unable to attend please call or text the office or email us to let us know, including the reason for the absence. (804) 292-5917

After 5 absences throughout the season, MKSD staff may remove the dancer from the choreography. After 3 consecutive absences MKSD staff may remove the dancer from choreography. Students may continue attending the class as an understudy to the routine. All decisions concerning removal of a dancer from choreography are at the teachers discretion, and in the best interest of the dancers.

We are actively monitoring the changing health climate and reserve the right to update, amend, and change these policies as necessary.

We expect parents to be the first line of defense in determining whether or not a dancer should attend classes. If a dancer has an elevated temperature (above 100.4F), a persistent cough, sore throat, runny nose, persistent headache, fatigue, or any other signs of respiratory infection, the dancer should stay home. Dancers who exhibit these symptoms may be removed from class if the teacher deems appropriate. If a dancer, or member of a dancer’s household tests positive for COVID, the parent needs to immediately inform MKSD of the situation.

In addition, MKSD has the following COVID procedures in place:

  • Face coverings are required to be properly worn by all persons not vaccinated in our Ballet 4-5 level and higher.
  • Spot markers have been spaced on each studio floor to continue encouraging our students to spread out.
  • The lobby and common areas will remain at 1/2 capacity (maximum 72) to allow for social distancing. We ask that parents and siblings of dancers do not wait inside the lobby areas for the duration of class time to limit activity in our lobby. Please limit drop off/pick up time in our lobby, and send only one parent/guardian inside.
  • Hand sanitizer bottles are provided in the lobby and in each classroom. Extra masks, thermometers, and disinfectant wipes will be readily available to all staff and students when needed.
  • Water fountains will remain closed, except for use with the hands-free bottle filler feature. Dancers are encouraged to bring a personal water bottle to class.
  • With COVID vaccines becoming more widely available throughout Virginia, MKSD encourages all eligible people to inquire with their preferred medical professionals about getting vaccinated.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or (804) 292-5917.