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We offer a variety of classes for all different age groups.

MKSD provides classes ranging from ballet to hip hop! Here is a list of the types of classes we have available and a description of each. Please take note of the age group listed for some of these classes! If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 804-292-5917 or email us at .

Preballet Ages 3-4

The perfect start! The age-appropriate movement that will introduce your child to ballet. Basic ballet vocabulary, stretches, jumps, and of course… FUN!

Ballet Ages 4-5 & 5-6

Ballet for these ages will continue teaching steps of this style. Plie’, Tendu’, Jete’… did you know ballet terms are in French? Your child won’t come out of this class fluent in French, but they will learn that Glissade means “to glide”!

Ballet/Jazz Ages 6-8

A combination class provides instruction in both ballet and jazz, so students will need to bring both kinds of shoes and will switch out halfway through. Fundamentals of jazz dance involve isolations in the shoulders, ribs, and hips, with introductory jazz vocabulary taught such as Jazz Square, Lindy Hop, and Grapevine.


Lyrical dance combines the fundamentals of ballet and modern dance to explore expression in dance with inspiration from lyrics in songs. Lyrical dance is done in bare feet.


Upbeat, fun class that uses technical components such as use of the floor, distribution of weight, body isolations, to create rhythmic movement.


Our broadway classes combine tap and musical theater to leave your child feeling like they just stepped off the stage in NYC!


Much like Lyrical, Contemporary uses components from ballet and modern to create a style of it’s own. Stretches, conditioning and balance are important pieces of this class. Some elements of Contemporary dance include improvisation (dancer instigates movement) as well.

Hip Hop

Hip hop classes explore rhythm, movement, isolations, and choreography for all ages.


Up on your toes! Pointe is a serious ballet style that must be approved. It is typical to begin in middle school after 3 years of dance, minimum.

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