Back to school means back to dance!

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The sound of that early morning hustle is returning to our households…

Coffee brewing in the background while our children emerge from a restless night’s sleep. Perhaps the jitters of the first day of a new grade or school, or maybe the excitement of reuniting with friends prevented them from getting their usual rest, but they will eventually return and renew this morning routine, and so will we!

In my household we have eleventh, ninth and sixth graders that each approach mornings in their own unique way. One is up before everyone, organizing everything down to the number of pens in his backpack. The other highschooler is just fine…unless spoken to, at which time I am left to decipher the grunts and shrugs. And our youngest is already on a call with a friend planning matching hairstyles well before I’ve finished making breakfast.

Needless to say, morning rituals are ever changing as our children grow… and so is our dance routine. (pun intended)

With so many extracurricular activities available this time of year, you have managed to fit dance into your schedule… So you are half-way there! Here are some tips for your first week back at dance.



Be sure you know your child’s schedule including the day of week, start and end times, and beginning date. Arrive with enough time to allow your child to use the restroom if needed, and put on their appropriate dance shoes. You will not be expected to stay in the building during the class, but if you do not, be sure you are back in time to greet your child as they exit their assigned dance studio.


Dress Code

Check to be sure you have all of the items your child needs for their dance class. Typically this is a leotard, tights, and a specific type of shoe. You can find this information on the website or send a question anytime. Allow time to get dressed at home. If it’s your first time putting tights on a toddler, double that time! I recommend changing into the dance outfit at home, and packing the dance shoes. Dance Etiquette dictates that dancers do not wear dance shoes outside. Rather, keep them in a special bag to transport. Don’t forget to label them with your child’s name. I recommend doing this on the inside of the shoe with a ballpoint pen.


Drive Time/Parking

Allow for enough time to park and walk your child into the studio. Students don’t like to be late… and teachers don’t want them to miss warm ups!



Try to learn your child’s teacher’s name. These are typically listed on the website with your child’s class, but it’s okay to ask! By the title of your child’s class, you can most likely gather what dance style they are learning. Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical… or maybe it’s a combo class where they learn two styles of dance.


I hope this is helpful information and that your first dance class is fun and stress free. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of “bloopers” during the first few weeks… from backwards leotards to coming on the wrong day altogether, but all of it sorted itself out with a little patience and laughter.

Eventually, like those mornings getting ready for school… your dance routine will settle in and your kids will thrive!


Happy Back to Dance,

See you September 6 (when MKSD opens… see, halfway there)

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Back to school means back to dance!

Back to school means back to dance!

The sound of that early morning hustle is returning to our households… Coffee brewing in…

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